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PS4 Controller Advance FPS Set
PS4 Controller Advance FPS Set

* Compatible with PS4 Original Controller

* Enchanced triggers for quick and comfortable action

* Made from durable rubber plastic for extended gameplay

* Extra Hat Caps for Analog sticks of PS4 or PS3 Original Controller

* Material: Silicone & EVA Foam

* Includes 3 types of recess ; One is dots pattern of 12 mm height ; second one is recess with 4 mini dots of 12mm height; Final one is recess with 4 mini dots of 5mm height.

•Perfect for first person shooter games like Battlefield and Call of Duty by Analogstick Aim Assistance Shock Absorbers

•Effective shock absorber: Analogstick Aim Assistance (AAA) increases your analog stick's resistance which allows for much smoother movements

•Precise aiming and steering - precision increases up to 20%

•Easy to use - no screwing or tinkering •It included 2 pieces of Black (Hard material) & 2 pieces of Grey (Soft material).

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