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Casual Travel Camera Bag
Casual Travel Camera Bag
* Size: about 340mm x 240mm x 130mm
* Material : Polyester, Nylon and Metal
* Compatible with DSLR Digital Camera such as Sony, Canon, Nikon,Pentax, Olympus
eg. : Canon 600D D600 7D 5D2 60D, Nikon D90 D60 D700 D7000
*  Storage for 1 x DSLR + 1- 2 x extra lenses (<200mm) + accessories
eg. : Canon 450D + 50mm Lens + 100mm Lens / Canon 450D + Nikon D3100 /
Nikon D90 + Nikon 70-200mm Lens / Canon 5D II + Canon 70-200mm Lens /
Canon 5D II with 70-200 Lens
* Compact and protective
* Bilateral fast zipper to store the camera equipment easily
* Durable and soft inner cotton material case for absorbing shock and vibration
* Front pocket to keep the accessories
* Adjustable shoulder carrying strap and Camera Strap
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